Use our Guide to Social Investing & Better Banking to get started as a social investor, along with the resources on this page.

Green America’s guide to Socially Responsible Investing & Better Banking

New! The 2021 Edition of Your Green Life includes helpful information on Better Banking & Personal Finance. Learn how to set up a healthy financial life and use better banking options that reflect your values.

When you bank with mega-banks, your money is going directly to greedy, predatory Wall Street. Money from big banks funds fossil fuels, sweatshops, factory farms and other destructive industries. 

Your money has power to create significant, positive change, or contribute to destruction and exploitation of the Earth and people on it.

Even $100, put in the right place, can make a difference. 

Step 1:

Get a better bank or credit card.

Step 2:

Green your investments through socially responsible investing and divesting from fossil fuels.

Step 3:

Use your shareholder power to change companies from the inside.

Step 4:

Find certified Green Business Network financial planners and advisors.

Green America is not an investment adviser nor do we provide financial planning, legal, or tax advice. Nothing in our communications or materials shall constitute or be construed as an offering of financial instruments or as investment advice or investment recommendations.



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