Client Testimonials


I got convinced by one of my friends to try out 700 Plus Credit because they helped him fix his credit and I have heard good things about the company. My life has changed since I began with 700 Plus Credit before I would not get approved for anything now I do, I defiantly recommend 700 Plus Credit services because they got me to my guaranteed score . I thank them so much for the tremendous help!

Houston Credit Repair - Genesis Testimonal

They are so helpful and knowledgeable. I was finally able to refinance my car with a great APR!!!

Houston Credit Repair - Jivar Testimonal

I will recommend 700 Plus Credit to everyone I come in touch with. I’m a Senior Recruiter for an oil and gas Energy company, so I know about customer service they have excellent customer services, friendly people and the most important key is they know the business and will answer all your questions with a correct response Thank you Priscilla Martinez from 700 Plus Credit

Houston Credit Repair - Brandon Testimonal

I can honestly say that 700 plus credit is a legit company that does a fantastic job at credit repair. Priscilla is amazing she answered all me questions and returns emails and calls in a professional time. She has continued to work on my credit to this very day and I would highly recommend her to work for you. nothing but good things to say about this company and Priscilla both! keep up the great work guys.

Houston Credit Repair - Kristina Testimonal

I will refer anyone I can who needs to fix their credit accurately and precisely. I thought it would take forever to fix the mess I left behind but thanks to 700 Credit Plus right before my eyes accounts began clearing. Everything was worked on immediately. I rate this business a AAA+.

I would recommend you all to request for a PRISCILLA MARTINEZ to work your files. Her assistance was outstanding! She was there to help with any questions and concerns I had 24/7! Constantly providing follow ups, staying on top of all reports. Never had such great customer service! They are VERY affordable, my money spent definitely well worth it. It is nothing compared at ALL to what was owed.

Thanks to 700 credit plus tons have been lifted of my shoulders. I cant thank them enough for their professionalism and accommodation throughout this whole credit repair experience. Again I would highly recommend anyone to go to them! They will take care of you!


Before starting the repair process I wanted to get pre-qualified for a mortgage last year and a friend recommended me to 700 Plus Credit so I could improve my credit situation. When I started the process with 700 Plus Credit I was very apprehensive I wanted to be sure I was doing it with professionals so I trusted God and everything worked out great, thanks to 700 Plus Credit I get a lot more credit card applications in the mail and I feel better about myself and I also have a sense of idea of how good credit feels. I would absolutely recommend 700 Plus Credit to anyone that needs help with their credit because y’all got me passed the guaranteed score and y’all take care of things right away.


I found 700 Plus Credit while searching on Google and calling was the best decision I took. 700 Plus Credit has been very helpful and patient with me, Zeyda Rodriguez has been a great specialist and the Customer Service department has been very helpful I never had a problem with them. With out doubt I recommend 700 Plus Credit they helped me get a loan for my wedding after getting denied every where else, I was very pleased with their services.


Before joining 700 Plus Credit I wanted to purchase a house and in order to do that I needed to have my credit score in the 600’s, after searching online I came across y’all’s website and saw all the good reviews and ratings. I am very satisfied with the outcome my scores they went up really high and that gave me more options to purchase things I could not before, thanks to your company I got good guidance on how to handle my credit and accounts. I would defiantly recommend 700 Plus Credit because you guys are professionals and know what you are doing and gave me great results, y’all stay true to your word.

“When I first got with 700 Plus Credit I didn’t have sufficient credit with any of the credit bureaus. I was in desperate need for a vehicle. Luckily the loan officer, Shomara Jimenez, was able to help me get into the car of my dreams. This company has been helpful throughout the process of repairing my credit. Now that I have my car, my next goal is to become a proud home owner. I am more than excited to see what 700 Plus Credit holds for me in the future.”

Before: 572
“Browsing through the magazine I ran to one of 700 Plus Credit ads. It seemed to be to good to be true and I said to myself ” This must be a joke” So I decided to call them because my credit was just not good enough to get approved for anything. I had a lot of collections on my credit profile and my score was a 572 average.”

After: 671
“IT WAS TRUE AND IT AIN’T NO JOKE! I am proud to be a 671 Beacon score with no collections on my credit profile. I was approved for an unsecured personal loan with a low, low interest rate. I recommend you to call them before the year is over…..CALL AND ACT NOW!!”

Before 588
“When I bought my cars through a dealership they gave me a 17.99% because of my terrible credit due to some financial difficulties; my goal was to re-finance within 6 months that is what the dealership told me in order to have good credit. Unfortunately, here I am 6 months later and still with bad credit and I’m not able to re-finance my vehicle like they said I could. I really didn’t know what to do……. A Big Company by the name of Air Rey Services referred me to this awesome company 700 Plus Credit,LLC.”

After 691
700 Plus Credit, LLC, is NOT LIKE these dealerships & other credit restoration companies that promise you the skies and the stars and at the end you don’t get ANYTHING!!! 700 Plus Credit, LLC, is an honest & trustworthy company that will look you in the eye and tell you the truth. They helped me restore my credit and now I’m able to re-finance my vehicles as low as 1.99% and also re-finance my home with interest as low as 3.49%. I know God put this company in my path for a reason. He has also done it to you….CALL THEM NOW!!!!

Alfonso Zavala - 700 Plus Credit

Before: 425
“I was in need of buying a home for my family but due to my score being at 425 I was denied at banks.”

After: 730
“My first impression from this company was great! They helped me clear and build up new credit so I finally bought the house of my dreams for my family at a 5.5% no down payment. Thanks to 700 Plus Credit and the new score of 730 they helped me achieve!”

Sandra Bates - 700 Plus Credit“When I came to 700 Plus Creditmy credit score was 536 and I could not get approved for a personal loan after applying with many finance companies. I started my process with 700 Plus Credit, LLC, they helped me increase my credit score. Now, I am a 648 score and I was approved for $4,000.00 dollars personal loan. Thank You 700 Plus Credit, LLC. I recommend this company to you!”

Victor Cruz - 700 Plus Credit

Before: 519
“I went to 700 Plus Credit, LLC I had a score of 519 with a interest rate of 21% on my two vehicles. It was difficult getting approved for a car loan without a high interest rate.”

After: 697
“I am a great witness of the service 700 Plus Credit, LLC offers. After finishing my service with them, I was able to refinance my vehicles at the interest rate of $3.99% with my high score of 697 now. I am so grateful, Thank you 700 Plus Credit!

Charles Harvey - 700 Plus Credit Score

Before: 602
I had a credit score of 602 and being denied every time for a personal loan from a financial institution was extremely frustrating.

After: 722
I decided it was time for a change! So I went to 700 Plus Credit, LLC for their services. They were able to re-establish my credit and bring my fico score to 722. They also helped me get a personal loan of $5000 with a low interest rate of 8.99%. Thank You 700 Plus Credit, LLC. I strongly recommend them to you!

Before: 626
I was tired of banks closing the doors in my face due to my credit score of 626. I thought that a credit score of 626 was good, but I was WRONG. I needed to bring my credit score up and did not know how to do it on my own. I tried, and no luck. I needed professional help from a credit specialist, so I called 700 Plus Credit, LLC!.

After: 704
How do you like me now…banks are knocking on my door for the opportunity to do business with me. I am a 704 beacon score thanks to the help of 700 Plus Credit, LLC, who helped me reach my goal. They are also helping me in getting a new home loan with a low interest rate. I am now ready…I’ve got credit in my wallet and money in my pockets… Go see them NOW!!!

Rebecca Salas

Before: 525
I struggled several years with bad credit. I could not purchase a home, new vehicles or even have credit under my name. I had a rating of 525 which is considered bad credit and I didn’t know where to even start to repair it. I was frustrated and didn’t know what to do until a friend
referred me to 700 plus credit and this changed my life!!!

After: 641
My friend referred me to 700 plus credit and my life changed forever. Elvira was my representative and she helped me restore my credit. She explained everything to me and took me through steps on how they were going to help me fix my credit. It hasn’t even been a year yet and my credit has been restored to 641. I was so excited and ecstatic to hear such great news in such a short amount of time. I am looking forward and excited on purchasing my own home very soon!!!

Jennifer Torres Testimonial

Before: 519
I was recommended to 700 Plus Credit, LLC by my mother who had purchased a vehicle from them. My credit score was POOR and needed their HELP. I needed to have good credit in order to buy a car, so my husband and I looked for the help of 700 Plus Credit, LLC.

After: 646
700 Plus Credit, LLC is absolutely the BEST Company for credit restoration and for loans. With their help, I was able to buy a car right away. They also helped me refinance my vehicle at aninterest rate of 7.49%. It was INCREDIBLE!!! Look at me now…with a GREAT credit score.


Before: 642
My true testimony, as any other normal human being I had a few credit issues I was dealing with. I was referred to 700 Plus credit by a friend. I called the office and Spoke with Credit specialist Elvira Trevino and as she explained how everything worked and what the company can do to help me in my situation, I immediately excepted services provided by 700 Plus credit. This all took place on March 18, 2012 as I had over $4000.00 in debt on my credit and a credit score of 642. I was turned away on several occasions as I tried to get financed for a vehicle, or the interest rate was too high.

After: 728
Four months later after working with 700 plus credit, on July 28, I went to the Lexus dealership and was able to purchase a vehicle (2011 Lexus ES350) with a CREDIT SCORE of 728 and was financed @ 1.9 interest rate and NO money down.

I highly recommend anyone with any kind of Credit problems to consider 700 Plus Credit. Elvira Trevino was truly helpful and she carefully explained how it all works and great this will be in the long run. Credit is IMPORTANT!

Thank you again 700 Plus Credit, you all are the BEST!


Before: 583
Every time I applies for a loan, I use to feel ashamed and sad for having bad credit. The lending companies did not approve my loans. I had bad credit for more than 6 years, but I was motivated by a magazine article to go to 700 Plus Credit in person to find out the truth behind their business.

After: 743
I am really satisfied and happy with the job they did. In less than 6 months, my credit was excellent! I could refinance my house and lowered my interest rate from 10.23% to 3.5%. Not only are they my credit company, but they are also my financial advisers. I am very thankful for my representative, Elvira. Come to 700 Plus Credit in person as I did!

After so many rejections of credit, due to my wife having no credit and I having bad credit we could never get loans approved. A car sales man referred us to 700 Plus Credit, LLC and we decided to act and not delay more time.

During our process, i personally have seen how my credit score has improved. I was able to acquire two vehicles. A 2010 Dodge Ram and a 2010 Chrysler 300. not only did 700 Plus Credit, LLC restore my credit but I have been able to obtain different types of loans through their service. I have been and will remain a faithful customer with 700 Plus Credit, LLC. The best gift i have ever had was the fact of being referred to 700 Plus Credit, LLC Now I strongly recommend everyone to 700 Plus Credit, LLC.